Park Avenue, North from 87th Street - 1958


Photograph shows a bird's-eye view of Park Avenue, north from East 87th Street with raised medians separating opposing directions of traffic. Photograph taken in October 1958 by Angelo Rizzuto (1906-1967). Source: Library of Congress Prints and Photographs Division.

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The 13-story building at 1049 Park Avenue, is on the extreme right. The five-story building at 1055 Park Ave., on the southeast corner of East 87th Street, was replaced by a 12-story building with glass façade. The five-story building at 1065, on the northeast corner was replaced by a 30-story, residential condominium tower, built in 1974. The five story building adjoining it still stands on the place. The 14-story building at 1075 Park Avenue, on the southeast corner of E 88th St. was built in 1923. The 16-story building at 1085 Park Avenue, on the northeast corner of East 88th Street, was built in 1926.

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Park Avenue, North from 87th Street - 1958