National Academy of Design, Fourth Avenue and 23rd Street - 1895


The National Academy of Design (northwest corner) and the Lyceum Theatre (right), East 23rd Street and Fourth Avenue (now Park Avenue South). On the southwest corner, across the street, there was the old YMCA Building, demolished in 1903. The three-story Lyceum Theatre building was erected in 1885 and operated until 1902, when it was demolished to make way for the Metropolitan Life Insurance Company building. Tower of the old Madison Square Presbyterian Church is on the left, behind buildings.

Photograph from the Irma and Paul Milstein Division of United States History, Local History and Genealogy, New York Public Library. Dated 1895 (or before), when the brownstone residential buildings on the left were demolished.


National Academy of Design




Park Avenue South


Fourth Avenue NY

Southwest corner of 23rd St. The National Academy site, after demolition, is to the right.


Antique photos of NYC


National Academy of Design

Later photo, about 1895.


Antique photographs


National Academy of Design


National Academy of Design, Fourth Avenue and 23rd Street - 1895


Fourth Avenue Presbyterian Church

Part of the Academy building is on the right.


Architecture Academy


Enlargement of the main façade below.


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