Enlarged First Temple of Trinity Church - 18th Century


This is the first temple of Trinity Church (rear view) in New York City, depicted after enlargement in 1737 and before it was destroyed by fire in 1776, during the Independence War.

The original temple was dedicated in 1697. The second temple was completed in 1790 and demolished in 1839. The present Gothic temple was consecrated in 1846.

Illustration copyrighted 1897, written on border "c.1897, Rev. Morgan Dix". Source: New York Public Library.

Similar illustration is shown below.


First Temple


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Illustration by Geo. Hayward published in the Valentine's Manual for 1859. Original title: Trinity Church as Enlarged. 1737.


First Temple architecture


Trinity Church 1846


Old Trinity Church


The first temple of Trinity Church as represented in the Plan of the City and Environs of New York, years 1742 -1744, by David Grim (1737-1826). There is one window less in the middle compared to the illustration below.


Trinity Church 18th Century


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Enlarged First Temple of Trinity Church - 18th Century



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