Park Row and City Hall Park - about 1881


Park Row and City Hall Park from the old Post Office building. Photograph by Charles Pollock (1832-1910) dated 1882 by the Museum of the City of New York. The old World Building at 37 Park Row, on the right, was destroyed by fire on January 31 that year. The Forest Stream Publishing Company occupied Times Building by April 1880 and replaced the sign of O Novo Mundo that ceased to exist after December 1879. So this photo was taken from early 1880 to January 31, 1882. Continue below...



The City Hall building was opened in 1812 and brought great development to the surrounding area. The first skyscrapers of New York City began to be erected in Lower Broadway in the early 1870s. The Tribune Building, in the center of this photo, opened in 1875, being the first skyscraper in this area.

The Times Building was completed in 1858 and it was reconstructed to an early skyscraper in 1888. The Benjamin Franklin monument in the Printing House Square was unveiled in January, 1872. The French's Hotel opened in 1849 on the corner of Frankfort Street and was demolished in 1888 to make way for the new World Building. The Brooklyn Bridge, over the East River, is seen in the distance. Its construction began in 1870 and it opened to traffic in 1883. Its terminal in New York was constructed on Park Row. The old New Yorker Staats-Zeitung building, completed in 1873, is on the left.

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Park Row and City Hall Park - about 1881


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