Panoramic view of New York, taken from North River - 1844

Skyline of Southern Manhattan by 1844, taken from the North [Hudson] River. There is a similar illustration published in 1840. Aquatint drawn and etched by Robert Havell (1793-1878). Colored by Havell & Spearing. Copyright August, 1844. Printed by W. Neale (New York, NY). Published by Robert Havell, William A. Colman and Ackermann & Co., London.

This illustration was issued in 1844 as a companion piece to "Panoramic View of New York Taken from the East River". Source: Metropolitan Museum of Art. Below, enlargements of a black and white version from Library of Congress.

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Above, enlargement of buildings in the part on the left, with additional texts. Below, next part in the center, showing more spires in Manhattan.


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NY skyline 19th century


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Southern Manhattan


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Enlargement of the southern part of Manhattan, with Brooklyn in the background.


Panoramic view of New York, taken from North River - 1844











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