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Until the early 18th century the representation of urban landscapes was generally artistic. Later, the use of camera obscura and lenses allowed artists and engineers to take more technical views. Since the mid-19th century, photography has changed the way urban spaces are recorded.

Until the 1870s, the New York City skyline was dominated by the church spires, Trinity Church being the tallest. Manhattan skyline has changed a lot with de rise of skyscrapers in the late 19th century, especially in Southern Manhattan. In the early 20th century, most visitors to Manhattan had a vivid impression of the City through its skyscrapers.

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Old City of New York



East River NY


Nieuw Amsterdam



City New York


Brooklyn Heights


Manhattan skyline from Jersey City in a vintage postcard by Irving Underhill, postmark 1929. The tallest building, on the left, is the Woolworth Building, completed in 1913. The second tallest is the Singer Building, completed in 1908.


NY eighteenth century


Aerial image NY


Nineteenth Century NY


North River NY


New York Ratzer


New York City Waterfront


Aerial views New York


Skyline old Manhattan


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Harbor NY


20th century NY


20th century NY


Old New York City


Skyline of Midtown Manhattan in February 2019, from Hudson River. The Empire State Building is about the center of the image (credit: Julienne Schaer / NYC & Company).


NY skyline 19th century


United Nations Buildings


New Amsterdam


Manhattan NY


Lower Manhattan NYC


NYC Lower Manhattan


Novum Amsterodamum New Amsterdam


Southwest Prospect NY


New York 1964


NY Panorama


New York Harbor


Lower Manhattan Waterfront


Brooklyn Bridge Manhattan


Bird's Eye View


Old photo NYC


New York Governors Island


NY Early Skyscrapers


New York 1900


Skyline old New York


NY 18th century


Skyscrapers NY


21st Century


Southern Manhattan


Hudson River


New York City old


The amazing view of Lower Manhattan, taken in February 2019 (credit: Julienne Schaer / NYC & Company).


Midtown Manhattan NY


New York City old


The East River waterfront in 1849 by Fanny Palmer, with some notable buildings in the view, from Trinity Church, on the left, to City Hall, on the right.


Riverfront East River


Hudson River NY


Manhattan photographs


Manhatan skyline NY


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New York 20th century


Manhattan skyline


New Amsterdam


New York 18th Century




New York Skyline - Vintage Images


Lower Manhattan


Chrysler Building images


Skyline Manhattan NYC




NYC Skyscrapers


Empire State images




21st century







NYC Skyline