Times Square - 1905


Street scene in Times Square, New York City, with pedestrians, carriages, theaters and hotels. Original title: Looking Up Broadway from Times Square, N.Y. City. This is in fact Seventh Avenue crossing Broadway in Times Square, from about 43rd Street. Vintage postcard, copyright: 1905 by the Rotograph Co.

The first subway line opened in Times Square in October 1904, about the time the old Long Acre Square was renamed Times Square.

The Hotel Astor, built between 44th Street and 45th Street (left), opened in September, 1904. The four-story Barrington Apartments (left) is between 43rd St. and 44th St. The old Criterion Theater is on the right.

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Times Square


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The Studebaker Building, built in 1902, on the north side of 48th Street.


Billboards Times Square


Billboards Times Square


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Times Square - 1905