Times Square in 1911


The old Times Square, former Long Acre Square, enlargement from the photo on the right. Junction of Broadway (left) and Seventh Avenue (right). Photograph by Irving Underhill, copyrighted 1911. Photo source: Library of Congress Prints and Photographs Division.

The Times Building, erected in 1904, dominates the picture. Hotel Rector, on the left, was completed in 1911 and demolished in 1972. Hotel Astor, completed in 1904 and demolished in 1967, is on the right. Astor Theatre, on the right, opened in 1906. The New York Theatre, on the left, opened in 1895. More: Times Square looking south


Times Square


Old City of New York




Times Building


Broadway NY 1876

The old hotel building has a sign of Louis Martins, in the photo above. The building on the left was demolished in 1909 and another building is under construction on the site, in the photo above.


Long Acre Aquare

Looking south.


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Looking north.


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Times Square in 1911



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