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The Times Building (today One Times Square) is a 25-story skyscraper located on the city block bounded by Broadway, 7th Avenue, West 42nd Street and West 43rd Street, in Midtown Manhattan. It was built in 1904.

The New York Times was founded in 1851. Its first headquarters was established in a six-story building at 113 Nassau Street, demolished in 2007. In 1854, the newspaper moved to 138 Nassau Street, site of the current Morse Building. The first New York Times Building was erected at 41 Park Row and it was completed in 1858. This 5-story building was expanded to a 13-story building 1888-1889.

In January 1905, the New York Times moved to this new building at  Times Square. The Board of Aldermen had voted on April 5, 1904, to rename the Long Acre Square, Times Square and the subway station at that point to be called Times Station. The original address of the Times Building was 1475 Broadway and it became 1 Times Square in 1966.

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In August 1902, the New York Times announced the acquisition of the trapezoidal site in Long Acre Square for the purpose of erecting the Times Building primarily for its own use. Demolishing of the existent buildings began in late November, 1902. The four-story office building on the site was demolished first and the walls of the Pabst Hotel were still standing in the early 1903, serving as billboards for theatrical productions. The works on the New York Subway was underway that year.

The external design of the new building was presented in June, 1903, being 16 stories high, with a six-story tower. It was designed in neo-Gothic style by Cyrus L. W. Eidlitz and Andrew C. McKenzie.

Deep excavation for the foundations of the building began in mid-1903. The cornerstone was laid on January 18, 1904 and it was built of terra-cotta and brick, with granite base. It was completed in the late 1904, but occupancy began before that. In fact, the newspaper announced in its January 10, 1904, edition, that "Space May Now Be Reserved in The Times Building...Ready for Occupancy May, 1904". Months were spending in equipping the new quarters with furniture and machinery until the newspaper moved to it. Times Tower was second in height to the Park Row Building (about 3 feet taller), but when considering the basement, it was the City's tallest structure from base to top. The summit of the tower of the Times Building was 357 feet 10¾ inches above the curb.

The traditional Times Square Ball drop was first held on December 31, 1907, to welcome 1908. The Times Square Ball is a time ball located on the roof of the Times Building, the ball is a traditional part of the New Year's Eve celebration.

In February 1913, the New York Times moved into the Times Annex at 229 West 43rd Street, completed the same year.

In 1928, an electromechanical news bulletin known as the zipper, started operating on the façade, near the base of the building.

The newspaper continued to be the owner of the Times Building until 1961, when it was sold to Douglas Leigh, a billboard advertising entrepreneur. In 1963, the Allied Chemical Corporation bought the building and began a renovation completed in 1964. The façade was completely modified and all its original architectural details was removed. The old Times Building was then renamed Allied Chemical Tower. After that the building was sold multiple times. In the 1990s, One Times Square was transformed into a kiosk for outdoors. The building was under renovation in 2022 with a high observation deck under construction.

The present New York Times Building is at 620 Eighth Avenue, a 52-story skyscraper completed in June 2007.


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Times Square in 2017 (credit: Brittany Petronella / NYC & Company). Times Building covered by billboards and the 48-story Times Square Tower, completed in 2004, is seen behind it. The 33-story Paramount Building, completed in 1926, is on the right.


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Times Building about 1905, vintage postcard.


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Park Row, between 1858 and 1865.


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The old Times Building in 1968 after renovation in 1963-1964, when it was renamed Allied Chemical Tower. In 1965, the Allied Chemical Corporation announced the building was for sale (photo by Métneki János dr).


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The electromechanical news bulletin, known as the zipper, began operating in 1928.


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On November 5, 1905, the New York Times announced that the results of the election would be flashed by electric light, on November 7 night, from the tower of the Times Building, so that for miles around people would be able to tell which of the candidates had won. In the late 19th century, the newspaper used a similar service on Madison Square. The Herald had done this in 1888, with the technology of the time.


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Times Building in August 2022 under renovation (Google Street View).


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