Everett House at Union Square - 1856


The Everett House at Fourth Avenue and East 17th Street, north side of Union Square. Illustration published in the Manual of the Corporation of the City of New-York for 1857. Original title: Everett House. Union Square, N.Y. 1856. Lithography by George Hayward. Source: HathiTrust Digital Library. Some text accompanying this image: «Replete, as the central portion of our city is, with elegant specimens of street architecture, we do not know of any which presents a finer coup d'œil than the subjoined sketch, looking toward the northwest corner of Union Square, at the junction of Seventeenth street and the Fourth avenue. A few years since, and this now delightful spot was termed "the Folks," where the Bowery and the Bloomingdale road united. ... The Manhattan Bank put their lots in the market about 1845, and in 1847-8 the mansions to the left and centre of our sketch, were finished and ready for occupation. The large building, the Everett House, is of more recent date, and stands partly on lots purchased of Dr. William B. Moffat [1818-1862], whose house adjoins it. The other buildings on the upper side of the place were erected, and are owned by Messrs. Miller, Henry Young, and the late Daniel Parish, ...»

This old 5-story Everett House opened in 1853. The building was demolished in 1908 and the site is now occupied by the Everett Building. More: Union Square in the 19th century


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Everett House at Union Square - 1856


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