Union Place Area in 1828


Junction of the Bowery (now 4th Avenue) and Broadway (old Bloomingdale Road) in 1828 by Albertus Del Orient Browere (1814-1887). Painted from memory in 1885, Browere depicted the junction of the two streets at what is now Union Square as it appeared in 1828, facing south, surrounded by farms. Source: Museum of the City of New York.

This area was formerly known as "the Forks", a shapeless collection of lots, where garden sauce flourished, devoid of symmetry, and around which were reared a group of shanties. It was officially named "Union Place" under the Commissioners’ Plan of 1811.  Below, enlargement of the center of the painting, reproduced from a redrawn copy at the New York Public Library.



Union Square


Reproduction of the full oil painting on canvas by A.D.O. Browere.


Union Square 19th Century


Union Park NY


Union Place


Albertus Del Orient Browere



Old City New York


19th century


Union Square



Union Place Area in 1828


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