Union Park - 1854

(Union Square Park)


Illustration copyrighted in 1854 showing the Union Square Park, looking south. Original title: Union Park. Printed text: Published by Charles Magnus (1826-1900), 12 Frankfort St., N.Y. Source: The Eno collection of New York City views / New York Public Library. Continue below...


Union Park


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Broadway runs down by the middle, with the tower of Grace Church in evidence. Forth Avenue is on the left.

The fountain was built in 1842. The equestrian Washington Monument is already in place, although its dedication happened later, in 1856. The Church of the Puritans at 15th Street was designed by James Renwick, south of which was a collegiate institution for young ladies, maintained by the Reverend Gorham D. Abbott in the old Spingler Institute.


Union Square




Historic Buildings


19th century


Decker Building


Church of the Puritans


Union Place


Union Park NYC


Union Square 19th Century


Panorama NYC


Bowling Green 1845


Union Square


Grace Church


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Union Park - 1854