Wall Street from Broadway - 1834


Detailed sketches of the buildings on both sides of the street, accompanying the original engraving, are below. The Great Fire of 1835 destroyed many buildings in the area, including the old Merchants' Exchange (with a tower, on the right, opened in 1827). The First Presbyterian Church, is on the left. It was founded in 1716, as a Presbyterian Meeting, and rebuilt in 1811.

The original illustration, dated 1834, was published in The Iconography of Manhattan Island... by I. N. Phelps Stokes, 1918. Here's part of what he wrote about "The Maverick View of Wall Street": Date depicted: 1834. Date issued: 1834. Artist: “H. R.,” undoubtedly Hugh Reinagle, whose view of St. Paul’s Church and the Broadway Stages, N. Y. (...), was drawn at about this time. Lithographer: P. Maverick—evidently Peter Maverick, Jr., as Peter Maverick, Sr., died in 1831. [Note: Peter Maverick (1780-1831) learned engraving in the shop of his father, Peter Rushton Maverick (1755-1811). He also had a son named Peter, who was also a lithographer]. Continue below...


Winter scene of Wall Street from Trinity Church on Broadway, with roofs of buildings covered in snow and horse-drawn sleighs on the snow-covered streets. Aquatint by French artist Raoul Varin (1865-1943). It was based on the lithograph by Peter Maverick, after drawing by Hugh Reinagle (1788-1834) with original title: View from Trinity Church, looking down Wall Street with sketches of the buildings on each side. Below, a hand-colored engraving by Peter Maverick, from the Museum of the City of New York.


Wall Street old


Still from the Stokes Iconography: «The drawing for this lithograph must have been made between 1827 and 1834, as it shows the original Merchants’ Exchange building, which was completed in 1827 and destroyed by fire in 1835, and the First Presbyterian Church as it stood before the destruction of its steeple by fire in 1834. After the fire the church had a pointed steeple, not a tower with a dome (...). ... The date, however, is more definitely determined by the fact that ‘Cummings’ Exchange & Lottery” appears as such in the directory for 1834-5 only, at 86 Broadway, the site here shown. Before that date it was a lottery office alone, and not an “Exchange,” and after 1835-6, according to the directories, it was at 8 Wall Street.»




South side Wall Street


Old City of New York


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First Presbyterian Church


Hand-color version by Peter Maverick from the Museum of the City of New York.


Wall Street 1835


Buildings north side


Illustrations accompanying the original engraving:


Merchants' Exchange


Broadway NY



«Detailed sketch of the north side of the street»


18th century NY


«Detailed sketch of the south side of the street»



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Wall Street from Broadway - 1834



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