Pennsylvania Station - 1940


Aerial photograph of the old Pennsylvania Station (or simply Penn Station), in Midtown Manhattan. Fragment of a photograph of Midtown Manhattan, dated March, 1940. Source: U.S. National Archives and Records Administration.

The original structure of the Pennsylvania RR Station, the main intercity railroad station in New York City, was completed in 1910 by the Pennsylvania Railroad Company. It was located between Seventh Avenue and Eighth Avenue, and West 31st and 33rd streets.

In 1960, Graham-Paige firm was offered the rights to build at Penn Station from the Pennsylvania Railroad Company. To build the new Madison Square Garden, the above-ground portions of the original Pennsylvania Station were demolished in 1963 and the underground structure was renovated to form the present Pennsylvania Station. Construction of the new Madison Square Garden began in 1964, and the new arena opened on February 11, 1968.

The New Yorker Hotel, opened in 1930, at 481 Eighth Avenue  is on the left.


Pennsylvania Station



Midtown Manhattan


10th Avenue


Midtown Manhattan

Pennsylvania Station in the center.


New Yorker Hotel

Near Penn Station.


W 33rd St.


8th Avenue


Old City New York


Pennsylvania Station - 1940



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