Manhattan Panorama by Joshua Beals - 1876

Mosaic of photographs taken in a morning of January 1876 by Joshua Beals, forming a panoramic view of Lower Manhattan from the east tower of the Brooklyn Bridge, which was completed later in 1883. It includes five joined albumen prints, flush mounted. Enlargements of parts are below. Source: Library of Congress Prints and Photographs Division.

US photographer Joshua H. Beals took his heavy photographic equipment up to the top of the Brooklyn Bridge's east tower, which was recently topped-out. He photographed five glass plate negatives, that combined, form a panorama of the city measuring 9 x 89 inches.

The New York City's early skyscrapers began to be erected in the 1870s on Lower Broadway and Park Row. This view shows them: old Equitable Life Building (1870), old Mutual Life Building (1872),Western Union Telegraph Building (1875), Tribune Building (1875) and Evening Post Building (1875). In the following decades, the skyline of Manhattan changed radically with the upcoming skyscrapers, some of which were the tallest in the world.

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Joshua Beals Manhattan



NYC in 19th Century


Wall Street


NYC 19th century


South Street


Manhattan 19th century


Post Office Building

Fourth enlargement of the Panorama, from the Western Union Building on Broadway to Tribune Building at Printing House Square.


NYC Fulton Street

Third enlargement of the Panorama, from Trinity Church to the Evening Post Building on Broadway, corner of Fulton Street.


19th century New York


Brooklyn Bridge

Fifth enlargement of the Panorama, showing the west tower of Brooklyn Bridge under construction.


Southern Tip



Sixth, seventh and eighth enlargements of the Panorama, north from Roosevelt Street, near the west tower of Brooklyn Bridge


Enlargement of the part of Wall Street and Trinity Church, then the tallest structure in New York.


Manhattan Panorama by Joshua Beals - 1876




NYC Manhattan


Enlargement of the part on the left, with additional text. South Ferry, Battery, Castle Clinton, with docks in South Street in the foreground.




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