New York City, Aerial Image - 1905


Aerial image of the business center of the borough of Manhattan, New York City in 1905. Creator: Richard Rummell (1848-1924). Engraved and printed by A.W. Elson and Co. Published by Moses King, NY. Source: Norman B. Leventhal Map & Education Center, Boston Public Library.


Aerial Image


Old City of New York



Although this image is signed on the lower right corner for the year 1903, it actually depicts the year 1905. It shows the 21-story Trinity Building, 111 Broadway, erected on the site of the old 5-story building of the same name, constructed in 1853. The new Trinity Building was constructed  from 1904 to 1905, and enlarged in 1907. Below, enlargement of the center.

Pier A was built as the headquarters for the New York City Docks Department in 1886 and subsequently used by a variety of municipal agencies over the years, including the city’s police and fire departments.

A previous image was released for 1903.

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New York City, Aerial Image - 1905


Old City New York



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