45 Broadway Architecture, Lower Broadway - 1937


Buildings from 41 to 55 Broadway, west side between Morris Street and Exchange Alley (on the right). The National Rifle Association of America (NRA) occupied the 45 Broadway building in 1933, year this photo was taken by Percy Loomis Sperr (1890-1964). Source: Photographic views of New York City, from the collections of the New York Public Library.

The National Rifle Association of America (NRA) is a gun rights advocacy group based in the United States, Founded in 1871. In 1933 its headquarter moved to 45 Broadway.

The 45 Building was originally the Aldrich Court Building, completed in 1887. n 1905, the building was bought by the Hamburg-American Steamship Company, then the name changed to Hamburg-American Building. It was was seized by the United States Government during the World War I. After the 1920, the building housed federal agencies and government departments. It was demolished in 1982 to make way for the 45 Broadway Atrium.

On the extreme right appears a portion of the 32-story Adams Express Building (57-61 Broadway), on the northwest corner of Exchange Alley.

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45 Broadway Architecture, Lower Broadway - 1937


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