45 Broadway Building in Lower Broadway - 1937


Photo dated 1937 shows buildings on the west side and the 45 Broadway, formerly Aldrich Court Building, completed in 1887, is the main subject of this photograph by Wurts Brothers. Source: Museum of the City of New York.

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Tourist Bureau


In the 1930s, 45 Broadway housed the NRA (1933) and later the National Park Service Tourist Bureau and concerned with the local supervision or regulation of merchant shipping. The 39 Broadway skyscraper, completed in 1928, is adjacent to it. Other skyscrapers is seen looking down on Lower Broadway. The 29 Broadway, a 30-story Art Deco building on the northwest corner of Morris Street, was completed in 1931, replacing the old Columbia Building. On the southwest corner of Morris St. stands the Cunard Building, completed in 1921. On the extreme left we can see the Bowling Green Offices and the One Broadway.


Broadway Old New York



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Aldrich Court Building


Stevens House

Stevens House, corner Morris Street - 1909.


Canyon of Heroes


Lower Broadway



Broadway NY 19th Century


Harriman Building


45 Broadway Building in Lower Broadway - 1937



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