West Side Broadway, Morris to Rector Streets


This page shows images related to buildings on west side of Broadway, between Morris Street and Rector Street (next to Trinity Church), in the 20th Century. Exchange Alley is in the middle of this section.

In the 20th century this section of Broadway or the Canyon of Heroes was occupied by skyscrapers. Notable buildings includes the 29 Broadway, corner of Morris Street, 39 Broadway, 45 Broadway Atrium, completed in 1983, the 31-story 55 Broadway, built in 1983, the 32-story Adams Express Building at 61 Broadway, completed in 1914, the 21-story American Express Building (65 Broadway), completed in 1917, and the 71 Broadway Apartments, formerly Empire Building, corner of Rector Street, completed in the late 19th century. 

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Lower Broadway



Aldrich Court Building


West Side Broadway, Morris to Rector Streets


21st century


Gaston, Williams and Wigmore



Empire Building

Empire Building, at 71 and 73 Broadway, corner Rector Street. The American Express Building is to the left.


Morris Street

Morris Street seen from Broadway in 1910. Columbia Building is to the right.


Canyon of Heroes



Wells fargo

Buildings at 47 to 55 Broadway. Exchange Alley, Wells Fargo Co. - 1910.


Harriman Building

Columbia Building is on the right.


Rector Street

Rector Street from Broadway. Trinity Church to the right.



National Rifle Association


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Hamburg American Building


39 Broadway NY


Office buildings on the west side of Broadway. Columbia Building and Morris Street is on the left - 1910.


Interior Architecture


American Express

American Express Building at 63 to 65 Broadway - 1910.


Canyon of Heroes


29 Broadway


NYC Skyscrapers


Architecture NY


Exchange Alley

Buildings at 57, 50 and 61 Broadway. Exchange Alley is on the left.


Hamburg-American Building

West side, south from Exchange Alley.


Office buildings NY


New York Lower Broadway NY


Aerial photograph


Lower Broadway


NYC Lower Broadway


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Lower Broadway

North from Exchange Alley.


29 Broadway


Broadway Old New York


Skyscrapers on west side Broadway, north from Morris Street in 21st century (Google Street View, July 2018).