Panorama of the West Side of Broadway - between 1856 and 1868

From Bowling Green to Dey Street


Panorama of the west side of Broadway, from no. 1 (Washington Building), Bowling Green, to a few houses above Dey St. . . .Lettering in pen-and-ink indicating streets and buildings, among latter, Atlantic Garden (demolished before 1868), Stevens House (former Delmonico's Hotel until 1856), Aldrich Court, Old City Hotel, ... Franklin Hotel. This work remains a marvelous document of Broadway in the mid-19th century. Source: The New York Public Library.

The east side of Broadway was highly damaged in the Great Fire of 1845. Some buildings in the west side, in Bowling Green, was also damaged.


Bowling Green







Stevens House


Broadway NY


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Buildings 19th century


7 Broadway


Bowling Green in the first piece of this Panorama.


Note: It seems Trinity Church had already its tower at this time and a that this blue color of the sky was mistakenly painted and erased it here.


Pictorial Description Broadway


29 Broadway, site of Columbia Building completed in 1891.


Trinity Church


Panoramic View Broadway


9-11 Broadway, Atlantic Garden, demolished before 1868


17 Broadway


Stevens House (former Delmonico's Hotel until 1856) 21-27 Broadway, corner of Morris Street.


13 Broadway


Broadway NY 19th Century


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Franklin Hotel



Old buildings Broadway


Bowling Green NY

Broadway, west side - Bowling Green to Morris Street - 1899.


Aldrich Court

Broadway, west side. Morris Street to Exchange Alley - 1899.


In 1855, buildings 3 and 5 Broadway were Atlantic Hotel. 5 Broadway was demolished before 1868.


West side Broadway


Site of the Western Union Telegraph Building, completed in 1875.


Old City Hotel


31-33 Broadway


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Exchange Alley




Trinity Church

Broadway, west side. Exchange Alley to Trinity Church - 1899.


Historic Buildings











Gilsey Building, 169-171 Broadway, completed in 1854.