Worth Square, Broadway and Fifth Avenue - 1902


Original title: Looking up Broadway and Fifth Ave., from 23rd St., New York, N.Y. Worth Square and its memorial to General William Jenkins Worth (1794-1849) is in the center of the image. Photograph was taken from the Flatiron Building site that was under construction at the time (1902). Publisher: Meadville, Pa. : Standard Scenic Company, originally in stereographic form. Source: Library of Congress.

The old Fifth Avenue Hotel in on the left and Madison Square Park is on the right.


Worth Square


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202 Fifth Avenue


Fifth Avenue


Broadway 19th century NY

55 - Broadway, east side, 20th to 23rd 1899.


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Broadway NY

Intersection of Broadway and Fifth Avenue from Madison Square.


Union Square West


Site of the Empire Estate Building, erected in 1930 / 1931.


Traffic Broadway NY




Worth Square, Broadway and Fifth Avenue - 1902


Intersection NY




Red Cross Parade





Madison Square Park






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