Saint John's Chapel - 1913


Front view of the St. John's Chapel, Varick St. Built from 1802 to 1807 on Varick Street, it was the 3rd oldest church building in Manhattan.

The Chapel was built between 1802 and 1807 for Trinity Church by architect John McComb Jr. In 1867, Trinity Church sold St. John's Park, the land on which the chapel stood, to the Hudson River Railroad Company. The company built a large rail freight terminal on the site, driving away residents and church goers. Despite much public protest, the chapel was demolished in 1918.

Photo taken June 13, 1913. Source: NYC / Frank Cousins Collection.


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A complementary photograph of the Chapel, taken on the same day, as the photo above, and by the same photographer.



Saint John's Chapel - 1913


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