West Side Broadway and City Hall Park - 1929


Buildings on the west side Broadway and the City Hall Park. View from the 25th floor of the Municipal Building. Photograph published by Keystone View Company, originally stereograph, copyrighted 1929. Source: Library of Congress Prints and Photographs Division.

The Woolworth Building, the tallest skyscraper in this photo, was completed in 1913, with a height of 241 meters. It was the tallest building in the world until 1930, when it was surpassed by 40 Wall Street (283 m). The 44-story Transportation Building, on its left at 225 Broadway, was completed in 1927. The Post Office Building, completed in 1880, was demolished in 1939.

Park Row in on the left and the 47-story Singer Building is seen in the distance. The One Hundred Barclay, on the right, was originally conceived as the headquarters for the New York Telephone Company, constructed between 1923 and 1927. Today is Tribeca Condominiums.


City Hall Park




County Courthouse



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NY City Hall


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Park Row Building


West Side Broadway and City Hall Park - 1929


Telephone and Telegraph Building, 195 Broadway


60 Hudson Street


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One Hundred Barclay Tribeca at 100 Barclay Street


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