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This was the site of New York City's 18th-century City Hall. The original building was constructed between 1699 and 1703 on the site of the current Federal Hall National Memorial (26 Wall Street, at the junction of Wall, Broad, and Nassau streets). The land was donated by Abraham de Peyster, New York mayor. The building was the seat of government for the British colony of New York.

After the Independence War (1775–83), New York was established as the capital of the United States of America. The Constitution was ratified in 1788, New York was the national capital and the City Hall was remodeled in 1789-1790 by Pierre-Charles L’Enfant, for the new Federal Hall, the first Capitol of the United States. On April 30, 1789, George Washington was inaugurated here as the first President of the U.S.A.

In 1790, the country's capital was transferred to Philadelphia and the building became the city government until 1812, when the new City Hall was opened. The old Federal Hall was demolished in 1812. The current building was erected, between 1833 and 1842, for the Custom House. Its design was inspired by the Parthenon of Athens. In 1862, the building housed the US Sub-Treasury. In 1883, the life-size bronze statue of George Washington, by the sculptor John Quincy Adams Ward, was unveiled on its steps. In 1939, the building was designated as the Federal Hall Memorial National Historic Site.


Washington Inauguration


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Old NY City Hall




Wall Street 1789


Statue George Washington


Inauguration of George Washington on April 30, 1789 (painting by Ramón de Elorriaga, 1889).


Panorama NYC


New York 18th century


Washington Inauguration


Vintage Images of the Federal Hall


Bryant Park


Federal Hall 1797


Custom House


New York City Hall


Federal Hall NYC


Custom House NY


Broad Street


New York Stock Exchange


Sub Treasury


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Mount Rushmore


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Historic building


Soldiers and Sailors Memorial Arch


George Washington Monument


Sub treasury


Sub-Treasury Building


U.S. Sub-Treasury Building


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City Hall Park


Unveiling of John Quincy Adams Ward's statue of George Washington on November 26, 1883 (Rockwood, source National Parks of New York Harbor).


Wall Street images


The historic Federal Hall on Wall Street in 2016. Trinity Church is partially seen on the left (credit: Tagger Yancey IV/NYC & Company).


Custom House NY


Custom House drawn by H. Winkles, inset from a map published by John Tallis & Co. in 1851.



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