Flatiron Building in the Early 20th Century


The Flatiron Building was completed in September, 1902. The building on the right was demolished around 1907. The Madison Square is to the left. The old Fifth Avenue Hotel is on the right, on the southwest corner of West 24th Street. Source: New York State Archives. Education Dept. Division of Visual Instruction.

In 1911, Fuller Company's offices moved to the Trinity Building at 111 Broadway, where its parent company, U.S. Realty, had its offices. U.S. Realty moved its offices back to the Flatiron, in 1916. In 1925, the Fuller Company sold the building to an investment syndicate. In 1929, the Fuller Company left the Flatiron for the new 40-story Fuller Building, at 597 Madison Avenue.


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Photo taken from Flatiron Building.


Flatiron Building in the Early 20th Century


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