Fifth Avenue Hotel - 1893


Fifth Avenue Hotel from Madison Square, located at 200 5th Avenue, on the northwest corner of 23rd Street. This luxury hotel opened its doors on August 23, 1859. It was the first hotel in the United Stated to have installed a passenger elevator. The Fifth Avenue Hotel closed at midnight on April 4, 1908, then it was demolished. The site was occupied by the Fifth Avenue Building, an office building completed in 1909. Photograph by J.S. Johnston (1839-1899), copyright 1893 (expired). Source: The New York Public Library.

Albemarle Hotel, on the right, on the northwest corner of West 24th Street, opened in 1860.


Fifth Avenue Hotel


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Fifth Avenue


Fifth Avenue Hotel is on the right.


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200 Fifth Avenue

The Fifth Avenue Building was erected on the site of the old Fifth Avenue Hotel.



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Fifth Avenue Hotel, Broadway, west side, 23rd to 25th St. - 1899.



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Fifth Avenue Hotel - 1893



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