Design of Herald Building


The front façade of the old Herald Building, New York City, fragment of photograph shown on the right, published between 1904 and 1910, by Detroit Publishing Co.

Herald Building was designed by architect Stanford White (1853-1906), inspired by the 1476 Venetian Renaissance Palazzo del Consiglio in Verona, Italy. The newspaper moved to this new headquarters in 1895 when the building was completed. The building was demolished in the 1920s and the group of bronze sculptures on the top of the building building was incorporated into the Bennett Memorial on Herald Square in 1940.






Herald press room


Old City of New York




Herald Square photographs


Enlargement of the group of bronze sculptures on top of the building. It includes Minerva, the goddess of wisdom and invention, and two bell-ringing blacksmiths. The clock and figures were installed on the monument and blacksmiths "Stuff and Guff" or "Gog and Magog" have chimed the hours ever since.


Newspaper Row



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Design of Herald Building


Herald Building NYC

The original photograph.





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