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The Albemarle Hotel, was located on Madison Square West (1101-1109 Broadway), on the northwest corner of West 24th Street. It opened in 1860.

The adjoining seven-story Hoffman House opened about 1864 and expanded several times. The old Fifth Avenue Hotel opened in 1859, on the southwest corner of West 24th Street.

On November 18, 1859, the N.Y. Daily Tribune reported:

"Mr. Franklin S. Kinney of No. 17 Nassau street is building a white marble hotel on the corner of Broadway and Twenth-fourth street, facing Madison square. It is six stories in hight, and has a frontage of 225 feet on Broadway and Twenty-fourth street, covering four city lots. It is to be conducted on the plan of the best European hotels. ... There are to be two dining-rooms and about 50 suits of rooms—the parlors of which will all front on one of the streets. Pleasant accommodations will thus be afforded for ladies and families to the number of 250 persons. ... It is built in the modern French style, with numerous balconies, and a steep slated roof! ... The entrance to the hotel is on Twenty fourth street, with a private door on Broadway. ... The building will cost about $100,000, and be finished about the 1st of April. Renwick & Auchmaty are the architects."

The Albemarle Hotel building was completed in 1860. The hotel was opened by George D. Ives. O.B. Libbey was one of the early proprietors. The owner Franklin S. Kinney died in 1871. Louis H. Janvrin and Henry Walter were the proprietors in February 1893, when Edward S. Stokes, of the Hoffman House, made an agreement to obtain control of the Albemarle. On March 15, 1893, the Albemarle was sold at auction by the heirs of the Kinney estate. At the time, the hotel contained about 100 rooms.

In 1896 or before, the hotel gained a seventh floor, expanding its mansard roof, and external fire escapes were added to the building.

In 1907, most tenants left the hotel due to disturbances caused by the works to rebuild adjoining Hoffman House. At the time, the west wall of the Albemarle was declared unsafe due to cracks by the Building Department.

On April 4, 1911, Alexander Macdonald, the Albemarle manager since 1900 or before, also assumed control of the adjoining Hoffman House. By 1912, an exterior fire escape was added.

The hotel was closed by January 1915 and along with the adjacent Hoffman House was replaced with a sixteen-story building in 1915 at 1107 Broadway / 10 Madison Square West. The building was redeveloped into a 24-story condominium residence, completed in 2016.


Albemarle Hotel NYC


The Albemarle Hotel on Broadway at West 24th Street, about the 1870s. Original title: "Albermarle House". Source: American views (stereoscopic), New York Public Library


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Looking south. Albemarle Hotel is on the right.


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Albemarle Hotel

The hotel after the addition of the seventh floor.



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Albemarle Hotel


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The structure the previously occupied the site of Albemarle Hotel, about 1859, the year the Fifth Avenue Hotel, on the left, opened.


Albemarle Hotel


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