East Side Madison Square - about Mid-19th Century


Part of the east side of Madison Square, with the East 25th Street in the center, about mid-19th Century, before 1857, when the Worth Monument was dedicated (illustration on the right). Source: Emmet collection relating to American history, New York Public Library.

The east side of Madison Square runs from 23rd Street to 26th Street. Madison Avenue begins at 23rd Street. The Jerome Mansion was erected on the corner of East 26th Street, from 1859 to 1865, on the site of the three-story house, partially depicted on the left.

The area became a public park in 1847. Until the 1860s, it was a residential quarter. Later, a number of hotels opened near Madison Square along Fifth Avenue and Broadway.


East Side Madison Square


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Madison Square Presbyterian Church

Up from 23rd Street. Madison Square Presbyterian Church, on the corner of East 24th Street is on the corner of East 24th Street.


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East Side Madison Square - about Mid-19th Century


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