Hoffman House - 1908


Hoffman House, New York City seen from 5th Avenue. Building in the center and its annex on the corner of Broadway (Madison Square West) and West 25th Street. Albemarle Hotel at left, behind William Jenkins Worth obelisk. Ladies door and entrance to Roof Garden on W 25th Street, on the right (enlargement below). The iron railing of the old Madison Square Bank Building, appears on the right. Photograph, copyrighted 1908, from Detroit Publishing Company photograph collection, Library of Congress. Below, enlargement of the entrance at West 25th Street and the Albemarle.

In 1864, Hoffman House opened, originally a seven-story building. The new hotel was under construction in April, he same year. Its six-story annex opened in 1870. In 1894 / 1895, the hotel was expanded with three more floors and the annex was replaced by a Moorish building (this one in the photo). In 1907, a new Hoffman House building (photo), replaced the original hotel.

The three buildings seen here on Madison Square West, between West 24th and West 25th streets were replaced by 1915. The Fifth Avenue Building is under construction on the left.


Hoffman House




Madison Square


Albemarle Hotel

Enlargement of photo above.


Worth Square



Architecture hotel



Hoffman House at 24th Street


Worth Monument



Hoffman House - 1908


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