Albemarle Hotel and Worth Monument - 1908


Albemarle Hotel at Madison Square West (1101 - 1109 Broadway), on the northwest corner of West 24th Street, and the Worth Monument, erected in 1857, in front of it. On the ground floor, the Samuel Budd's store of men's wear, at 1101 Broadway, who stayed at this address since 1878 or before. This is a fragment of the photograph on the right, with Hoffman House as the main subject, copyrighted 1908 by Detroit Publishing Company.

The six-story Albemarle Hotel was built of white marble in 1860 and opened by George D. Ives. Proprietors included O.B. Libbey, Louis H. Janvrin and Henry Walter. The hotel closed by January 1915 and along with the adjacent Hoffman House was replaced with a sixteen-story building.





Madison Square


Albemarle Hotel Hoffman House 19th Century


Worth Square


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Albemarle Hotel


Albemarle Hotel and Worth Monument - 1908


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