Junction of Broadway and 5th Avenue, Madison Square - about 1890


Street Scene with carriage traffic, pedestrians and buildings on Broadway (left) and Fifth Avenue, looking south from above 23rd Street. Two clocks on the sidewalk show 9:35. Photographer: Brown Brothers (New York, N.Y.), about 1890. Photographic views from the collections of the New York Public Library.

The Flatiron Building was completed at this junction in 1902. Madison Square is to the left and the old Fifth Avenue Hotel is on the right. Hotel Bartholdi (956 Broadway) is on the left. It was named after French artist Frédéric-Auguste Bartholdi, sculptor of the Statue of Liberty. The Cumberland House, old St. Germain Hotel (175 Fifth Avenue), is at 22nd Street, with a large sign of Benjamin W. Hitchcock's Georgia Colony. The Hotel Bartholdi is on the left at 956 Broadway, on the corner of 23rd Street. Pach Brothers studio is behind Cumberland House. Enlargement of the center, below.


Broadway 5th Avenue





Junction Broadway Fifth Avenue


Madison Square


Flat Iron 1900

About the same area in 1900.


NY Flatiron


The sidewalk clock was built by Seth Thomas Clock, installed before 1864. It was replaced by the Hecla Iron Works, installed in 1909.


Flatiron images


Cumberland House


Hotel Bartholdi


Old gas lamp post on Broadway at 23rd Street.



Fifth Avenue Hotel







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Junction of Broadway and 5th Avenue, Madison Square - about 1890