Park Avenue South


On May 18, 1959, the three-quarter-mile section of Fourth Avenue, from East 17th Street, at Union Square, to East 32nd Street, officially became Park Avenue South. The avenue continues north as Park Avenue.

The name change was a measure requested by the Fifth Avenue Association and other groups, as part of a project to develop the area. The bill was signed by Mayor Wagner and it was passed by the City Council. The first sign indicating "PARK AV. S." was put at the corner of E. 29 St., during a sign-changing ceremony on June 4, 1959.

In the first decades after its creation, there was confusion with mail being delivered to wrong addresses in Park Avenue. Address numbers on Park Avenue South are a continuation of those on Fourth Avenue. Address numbers for Park Avenue are reset above 32nd Street.


Park Avenue South


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Calvary Church


Park Avenue


The old Forth Avenue in the early 20th century, looking north towards Grand Central Station, on 42nd Street. This photo shows the connection between Forth Avenue (now Park Avenue South) and Park Avenue. On the left, the Armory of the Seventy-First Regiment, at 34th Street. Vintage postcard.


Mills & Gibbs Building


National Academy of Design

Northwest corner of East 23rd Street. About 1895.


Union Square NY


Forth Avenue



W Union Square

201 Park Avenue South


NY Everett House

Corner of Fourth Avenue and 17th Street, north side of Union Square.


Midtown Manhattan


Park Avenue Hotel, between 32nd and 33rd Streets.


National Academy of Design


Fourth Avenue Presbyterian Church

Between 22nd Street and 23rd Street.


Union Square


Fourth Avenue NY

Today Park Avenue South at East 23rd Street. The building was demolished in 1903.




Church Missions House


Belmont Hotel constructed from 1904 to 1906.


Park Avenue South


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