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The old Fourth Avenue Presbyterian Church, Fourth Avenue (now Park Avenue South) and E. 22nd Street (on the left), New York City. The old New York YMCA building, completed in 1869, is on the right, southwest of 23rd Street. On the northwest corner, a part of the old National Academy of Design can be seen.

Photograph taken between 1882 and 1902, when the National Academy building was demolished. Source: Robert L. Bracklow photograph collection, New-York Historical Society.

The Fourth Avenue Presbyterian Church had its origins in the Bleecker Street Presbyterian Church founded in 1825 and the first temple was completed in 1826 at No. 65 Bleecker Street. In 1853, the first temple was sold and the construction of a new temple on Fourth avenue and Twenty-second street begun. The chapel was completed in November, the same year, and the main temple was completed in the spring of 1855, in Gothic style. In 1864, fire broke out in the chapel. In 1869, the chapel was reconstructed, adjacent to the YMCA building, erect in the same year (enlargement of the offices below).

By 1898 the church was in financial trouble. The property was sold in 1909. The final service in the church was held in January, 1910 and the temple was demolished the same year. The 14-story Mills & Gibbs Building was erected on the site.


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Enlargement of the two offices in the chapel on Fourth Avenue (right).

- Van Houten & Ten Broeck, Galvano Faradic MFC Co. (Galvano-Faradic Manufacturing Company, 300 Fourth Avenue, established in 1870. Manufactures of the standard electrical instruments for physicians, surgeons and family use). About 1875 it was at 107 east 34th Street, New York.

- J. G. Lugar's Son & Co. 302, a firm specialized in painting and wall-paper decorations, established in 1838 (the chapel was completed in 1869). Mr. J. G. Lugar, arrived in New York, in 1832.


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Enlargement of the YMCA building.


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