Harlem Alhambra Auditorium, 7th Avenue


Photograph from the George P. Hall & Son photograph collection, New-York Historical Society. Title: Manhattan: the Alhambra Theatre, 2108 Seventh Avenue at 126th Street, undated. Looking north from 125th Street. Below, another photo probably taken the same day and published in a colorized vintage postcard by M.& Co., N.Y. postmark 1911. Original title: Seventh Avenue, North of One Hundred and Twenty-fifth Street, New York.

The Harlem Alhambra Auditorium was a theater built in 1905, that began as a vaudeville venue. The building still stands at 2108-2118 Adam Clayton Powell Jr. Boulevard (7th Avenue) at the southwest corner of 126th Street. It was designed by architect John Bailey McElfatrick (1829–1906). Construction on the structure commenced late 1902 by its original owner, Harlem Auditorium Amusement Company.


Harlem 7th Avenue


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Martin Luther King, Jr. Boulevard.


Harlem Alhambra


The In 1974, this section of Seventh Avenue was renamed Adam Clayton Powell Boulevard.


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View from the opposite side.


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between 1905 and 1911


Harlem Alhambra Auditorium, 7th Avenue


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