New York City Skyline - 1910


Skyline of Manhattan and its skyscrapers in 1910 by Geo. P. Hall & Son (copyright 1910). The tallest skyscraper is the Singer Building, completed in 1908. This photo was possibly taken from Jersey City, across Hudson River. Source: Library of Congress.


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The population the City of New York in 1910 was 4,8 million people. The City had eleven great railroad systems and 114 steamship lines. The first subway line opened in 1904, boosting the city's development north of Lower Manhattan. At the time, the City had outdistanced all rivals in commercial conquest and industrial enterprise. It was the greatest manufacturing center in the world, specially in textile products, printing and publishing. Wall Street had become one of the four financial centers in the world, ranking with London, Berlin and Paris as a money market. Nearly a quater of all the money in circulation in the United States was in New York.

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New York City Skyline - 1910








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