Fountain of Union Park - mid-19th Century


Union Park, its fountain and buildings on the east side, between 1842 and 1855. Drawn by Nicolino Calyo (1799 - 1884) and engraved by Joseph Napoleon Gimbrede expressly for the artist. Source of the illustration: Booth's History of New York, New York Public Library.

Nicolino Calyo was an Italian panorama painter. He immigrated to the United States in 1834 and established a studio in Baltimore. From 1838 to 1855 Calyo was listed in the New York City directories as a portrait and landscape painter or professor of painting.

The fountain was built in 1842. It was tried on October 11: "It throws up a noble column of water to a height as great almost as the houses which surround the square. In the course of the afternoon, the column and surrounding jets were made to take different appearances, by enlarging or narrowing the apertures. ... In the evening, by the moonlight, the effect of the fountain showering its spray on every side, was exceedingly fine" (Evening Post, October 12). It was first put in operation on October 14, 1842, the day of the Croton Water Celebration.





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Fountain of Union Park - mid-19th Century