Aerial Photograph of Southern Manhattan - 1924


Aerial views New YorkAerial photo of the Southern Manhattan, photographed by Fairchild Aerial Camera Corporation, under the direction of the chief engineer of the Board of Estimate and Apportionment of the City of New York, on July 1st, 1924. Source: The New York Public Library. More: Maps of NYC - 20th Century

In 1920, the population of New York City was 5.6 million people. It became 6.9 million in 1930. In 1924, the City hosted one of the most remarkable chess tournament ever. In Manhandled (Allan Dwan, 1924, 75 min), silent film goddess Gloria Swanson played a flapper shop girl getting a little taste of the NYC nightlife.


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Aerial Photograph of Southern Manhattan - 1924


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