Broadway, Cortlandt Street to Liberty St. - 1906


People on Broadway, Cortlandt St. to Liberty Street. Photograph by Irving Underhill, 1906. Source: Library of Congress.

The old six-story Gilsey Building, 169-171 Broadway, completed in 1854, is seen on the southwest corner of Cortlandt Street. The Waterman Building is on the northwest corner, to the right.

Gilsey Building was one of the first large iron structures raised in Manhattan. The owner Peter Gilsey (1812-1873) also built the Gilsey House on Broadway by 1871. The site is now occupied by the 54-floor One Liberty Plaza, completed in 1973.


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West Side

10 - Broadway, west side. Liberty Street to Dey Street - 1899.


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The Old Mutual Life Building is on the opposite side.



Below, enlargement of the Gilsey Building. The name in the façade was replaced.


Old Mutual Life Building


Gilsey Building


City Investment Building

Gilsey Building is seen in this photo next to the City Investment Building.



Broadway traffic

Broadway, looking north. Gilsey Building is on the left.








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Broadway, Cortlandt Street to Liberty St. - 1906


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