Central Park in Summer - 1865


Panoramic view of Central Park, New York City, in summer, looking south, showing the Bethesda Terrace, Arch Bridge Fountain, the Ramble and lake, boats on the water, and the island of Manhattan stretching into the distance. A balloon is represented in the sky. Illustration drawn by John Bachmann, copyright 1865. Lithograph by Julius Bien (1826-1909). Published by Edmund Foerster & Co. Source: Huntington Library, Collection of Graphic Arts and Social History.

Central Park was envisioned in the 1840s and the acquisition by the city of the title to lands for Central Park began in 1847 and continued through 1852. The New York State Legislature approved the establishment of Central Park in 1853.


Central Park


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Central Park 19th century


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Illustration published in the same magazine.


Skating Pond


Fort Greene Park


Central Park NY

View from Central Park looking south.


Central Park NY 1859



Central Park in Summer - 1865


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