Flatiron Building, Manhattan - 1903


Original title: Wonder of the 20th century, the "Flatiron," New York City. Photographed and Published by Benjamin West Kilburn (1903, photo originally in stereographic form). Source: Library of Congress Prints and Photographs Division.

The building opened on October 1, 1902. It was erected as the headquarters of construction firm Fuller Company, which acquired the site from the Newhouse family in May 1901. It stands on a triangular block formed by Fifth Avenue, Broadway and 22nd Street, with 23rd Street running through the northern tip of the triangle.

The old Fifth Avenue Hotel is on the right, demolished in 1908. The seven-story Hotel Bartholdi, 956 Broadway at 23rd Street, is on the left. It opened in 1885 and closed in 1912. The building was demolished after a fire in 1966.




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141 Fifth Avenue, 15 stories, completed in 1897 at the southeast corner of 21st Street.


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Flatiron Building, Manhattan - 1903


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