Plaza Hotel and Central Park South - 1910


The Plaza Hotel and Central Park South seen from Fifth Avenue. Central Park is to the right. Photograph published in a vintage postcard copyright 1910 (before July) by Thaddeus Wilkerson. Source: Library of Congress Prints and Photographs Division.

The Central Park South, a section of West 59th Street between Columbus Circle and Grand Army Plaza, received this name in 1896.

Old mansions on West 58th Street are on the left and the Times Building is seen in the distance. On the right, Central Park South, the old New York Athletic Club building (demolished about 1928 to make way for the Hotel St. Moritz) is on the corner of Sixth Avenue and the Navarro Flats, is on the corner of 7th Avenue.

Plaza HotelThis Plaza Hotel (768 Fifth Avenue), between Central Park South, Grand Army Plaza and West 58th Street, opened in 1907, built in French Renaissance style on the same site of the old Hotel Plaza.


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Plaza Hotel and Central Park South - 1910


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