Abraham Lincoln Monument in Union Square - 1898


The Abraham Lincoln Monument, Union Square West and W. 14th Street, 1898. Photograph by Robert Louis Bracklow (1849-1919). Source: Metropolitan New York Library.

The Lincoln Monument was dedicated on September 16, 1870, originally installed at the southwest corner of Union Square (same place in this photo). The bronze statue was sculpted by Henry Kirke Brown (1814–1886). The stone and bronze rail fence around the Monument was constructed in 1875. In 1930, the Monument was relocated to the north end of Union Square Park.

The Lincoln Building, completed in 1887 in Romanesque style, in on the right and still exist as One Union Square West. The 14th Street is on the left.


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The Abraham Lincoln Monument seen from behind in 1928.


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Abraham Lincoln Monument in Union Square - 1898