Panorama of Union Square - 1905


Panorama of Union Square made by two photographs, published by Detroit Publishing Co., copyright 1905. George Washington statue, in the foreground. Source: Library of Congress. Below, enlargements of the photos.


Panorama Union Square


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Union Square




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Fourth Avenue


Buildings Union Square


Enlargement of the 16-story Bank of the Metropolis building at 31 Union Square West, northwest corner of E 16th St., built in 1902-1903 and designated a landmark in 1988. Decker Building is behind it.


Union Square NY

Enlargement of the part of Fourth Avenue, today Park Avenue South.


Decker Building


12-story Parker Building, completed in 1900 and destroyed by fire in 1908.


Union Place



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Panorama of Union Square - 1905


Jackson Building




Everett House


Union Park NY



Enlargement of the part on the right, with the equestrian monument to George Washington. The Everett House opened in 1853 and demolished in 1908. The site is now occupied by the Everett Building.


Park Avenue


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