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Washington Square Park is located in Greenwich Village, Manhattan, at the base of Fifth Avenue between MacDougal Street and University Place.

The site became a public park in 1827. By 1835, Washington Square and the surrounding streets formed one of the most fashionable residential quarters of the City. In the 1870s, it was built a carriage drive through the Park, connecting Fifth Avenue to Lower Manhattan.

The marble Washington Arch was built between 1890-1892 to honor the centennial of the first president’s inauguration. The first fountain was completed in 1852, replaced in the mid-1870s, renovated in 1934, lowered in the late 1960s and renovated again in 2009. The Park is also home to the Giuseppe Garibaldi Monument (1888) and to the Alexander Holley Monument (1889).


Washington Square Park


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Washington Square in a vintage postcard by Underwood & Underwood. Traffic through the Park ended in 1958.



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Washington Square in the summer of 2015 (credit: Christopher Postlewaite / NYC & Company).


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Washington Square Park