Lower Manhattan, New York City - 1927


Aerial photo of Lower New York City from the Upper New York Bay. Undated Rotary Photo E.C., published in a vintage postcard by L. Jonas & Co., Inc. Printed in England. Original title: Lower New York, entrance to harbour and Hudson River, from an aeroplane. Source: Library of Congress Prints and Photographs Division.

Photograph can be dated 1927, when the steelwork of the Equitable Trust Building at 15 Broad Street / 35 Wall Street, was completed. This building, completed in 1928, is seen here under construction. The Transportation Building (near Woolworth Building) was completed about May 1927. The Harriman Building at 39 Broadway, completed in 1928, and the Manhattan Company Building at 40 Wall Street, completed in 1930, are not seen in the photo.

Battery Park is in the foreground and the two tracks come from the combined Sixth and Ninth Avenue elevated lines to the South Ferry terminal.


New York Lower Manhattan


Lower Manhattan



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Lower Manhattan


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Lower Manhattan, New York City - 1927