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Lower Manhattan is the southernmost part of the Manhattan Island, generally considered to be the area south of 14th Street. The area surrounding Southern Manhattan is a strategic natural port and includes the Financial District of New York City. The streets, buildings, parks and waterfront of Lower Manhattan have more historical significance than a dozen museums.

The first settlement of Europeans on Manhattan was established on the southern tip of the island, in the early 17th century. Most Manhattan residents still lived south of the Common (now City Hall Park) until the late 18th century. Its meandering streets are historical records of that time.

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Lower Manhattan


Lower Broadway in the early 20th century, looking north from Ann Street. Vintage postcard by Raphael Tuck & Sons.


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Lower Manhattan


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Lower Manhattan, looking south from the Empire State Building, after 2014. Credit: Julienne Schaer/NYC Tourism + Conventions.


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Part of the Joshua Beals Panorama, from the Western Union Building on Broadway, to Tribune Building at Printing House Square, seen from East River.


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Lower Manhattan