Fifth Avenue, Broadway and Worth Monument - 1903


Manhattan: view north along Fifth Avenue and Broadway above 23rd Street, 1903. Source: George P. Hall & Son photograph collection, New-York Historical Society.

Madison Square Park is on right, Worth Monument in foreground and Fifth Avenue Hotel is on left. Fuller Building (Flatiron Building), completed in 1902, is behind the photographer. Berlitz School of Languages at 1 West 25th Street, is on the old Worth House. The 11-story Cross Chambers Building behind it, at 210 Fifth Avenue (running through to 1130 Broadway), was erected in 1903.

Worth Square has served as a memorial and burial site of General William Jenkins Worth (1794-1849) since 1857. On the right, enlargement of buildings on west side 5th Avenue, including the spire of Marble Collegiate Church, Hotel Victoria, Holland House and Waldorf-Astoria Hotel in the distance, site of the Empire Estate Building, completed in 1931. Carriages, streetcars and many people walking.


Fifth Avenue


Worth Square


5th Avenue



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Worth Square


The same photo above, but colorized for a postcard.


Fifth Avenue, Broadway


Worth Square NYC


Worth House


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Site of the Empire Estate Building, erected in 1930 / 1931.


Fifth Avenue, Broadway and Worth Monument - 1903


202 Fifth Avenue


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