Both Sides of Broadway from Bowling Green to Central Park


This historical work is an important record of Broadway, from Bowling Green to Columbus Circle, in the early 20th century. Compiled by Rudolph M. de Leeuw in 1910 and published by De Leeuw Riehl Publishing Company of New York City. Many photos were taken about 1909. It was a time when Broadway was "regarded as the representative thoroughfare of the City of New York — presenting its finest features of architecture among its marts of merchandise." Both Sides of Broadway is also richly illustrated with several drawings of the "Old Broadway" in the 18th century and 19th century. It offered advertising space to businesses along Broadway to accompany the photos of their location.

This fascinating work was conceived a few years before 1910 by R.M. de Leeuw. The illustration of the cover sheet (above), for example, was signed in 1906. The idea was not original, however. In 1899, Mail & Express Company published A Pictorial Description of Broadway, with building by building drawings, on both sides, ending also about Columbus Circle (59th Street). A similar work for the 5th Avenue was published in 1911 (Fifth Avenue from Start to Finish).

According to the author, Broadway "has an historical interest, not less among our own people than among those strangers to whom the wonderful advance so characteristic of our thriving cities on this Western Continent furnish a theme of admiration. The character of both sides of Broadway has materially changed in the past century. It was formerly the favorite locality for fashionable residences, but is now solely a business thoroughfare. Both sides of Broadway below Eighth Street is mostly occupied by jobbing and manufacturing business houses, while both sides of Broadway above Eighth Street is devoted in the majority of instances to retail stores. Thus our publication gives you a panoramic view of both sides of Broadway from Bowling Green, or No. 1 Broadway, to Central Park. So that you may get some idea of the classes of business with which Broadway abounds, we have placed in most instances the firm names (at no cost to them), and their respective businesses, occupying the ground floor on both sides of Broadway, from Bowling Green to Central Park.


Both Sides Broadway


Antique photos of Broadway



Pictorial Description Broadway


Bowling Green in 1906. Book cover sheet of the work Both Sides of Broadway...Illustration by Clinton Pettee (1872-1937).


Broadway images


Panoramic View Broadway


Produce Exchange Building

1 - Produce Exchange building at 2-8 Broadway.



Hudson Building NY

8 - The narrow Hudson Building, 32 Broadway.


Custom House NY

2 - U.S. Custom House at Bowling Green - 1910.


Produce Exchange Bank

4 - Produce Exchange Bank, 10-12 Broadway, at Beaver Street.


Washington Building

3 - Number 1 Washington Building and the Bowling Green Offices Building - 1910.


42 Broadway

10 - Forty-Two Broadway Building - 1910.


Hamburg-American Building

11 - West side, south from Exchange Alley.


9 - Office buildings on the west side of Broadway. Columbia Building and Morris Street is on the left.


Empire Building

19 - Empire Building, at 71 and 73 Broadway, corner Rector Street.

20 - Century Building (74 Broadway).


Broadway Warren Street

64 - Broadway between Warren and Chambers streets - 1910.

65 - Chemical National Bank


Wall Street

22 - Buildings on east side of Broadway, near Wall Street - 1910.

23 - Trinity Church from Wall Street.

24 - Wall Street from Broadway.

25 - Trinity Church yard. Opposite 96 Broadway.


Liberty National Bank

34 - Liberty National Bank, 139 Broadway.


Fifth Avenue from Start to Finish


Office buildings NY


Tower Building NY


130 Broadway

35 - 130 Broadway.


Murray Street

62 - Buildings on Broadway at Murray Street.

63 - City Hall Park


Exchange Place

16 - East Side Broadway at Exchange Place, Knickerbocker Trust Co. Building.


American Exchange National Bank building

33 - American Exchange National Bank on Broadway, Corner Cedar Street.


Panorama Broadway


Exchange Alley

15 - Buildings at 57, 59 and 61 Broadway. Exchange Alley is on the left.


Washington Life Building


John Street NY


51 - Shops and offices at 194 and 196 Broadway - 1910.


Rector Street

21 - Rector Street from Broadway.



Morris Street

7 - Morris Street seen from Broadway in 1910.


Pine Street NY

29 - Pine Street. American Surety Building (right) and the Old Equitable Building (left).

30 - Trinity and U. S. Realty Buildings.

31 - The Old Equitable Building.


Home Life Building

63 - Home Life and Postal Telegraph buildings.


36 - Washington Life Building at the corner of Broadway and Liberty Street - 1910.

37 - Mutual Life Building, 140 to 146 Broadway.

38 - Singer Building.


47 - John Street from Broadway. Chatham National Bank (192 Broadway).


American Express

17 - American Express Building at 63 to 65 Broadway - 1910.

18 - Manhattan Life Building, 66 Broadway - Walter C. Stokes & Co., Brokers.


Exchange Court Building

14 - Broadway (52-56) at Exchange Place. Exchange Court Building - 1910.


Stevens House

5 - Broadway, 13 to 27. Stevens House, corner Morris Street - 1909.


United Bank Building

26 - United Bank Building, corner Wall Street.

27 - Trinity Church yards, opposite 100 Broadway.

28 - American Surety Building, 100 Broadway.


Wells fargo

13 - Buildings at 47 to 55 Broadway. Exchange Alley, Wells Fargo Co. - 1910.


Corner Dey Street


Standard Oil Building

6 - Broadway, east side, Standard Oil Building and Welles Building - 1910.


41 - Guardian Trust Company, corner of Broadway and Maiden Lane - 1910.


Broadway Chambers


Title Guarantee & Trust

43 - Title Guarantee & Trust Co., Broadway, Maiden Lane - 1910.


55 - Broadway, between Fulton and Ann Streets.


135 Broadway NY

32 - North American Trust Company Building, 135 Broadway, corner of Cedar Street.


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East Side Broadway


Mail Express Building


St. Paul Building


Buildings west side

58 - Buildings on Broadway between Barclay Street and Park Place. They were razed for the Woolworth Building - 1910.

59 - Old Post Office


Broadway Ny

44 - Shops and office buildings from 179 to 191 Broadway. Cortlandt St. to Dey Street.


68 - Broadway, northwest corner of Chambers St.


46 - Broadway, corner of Dey Street - 1910.


Title Guarantee & Trust Company

45 - Broadway between Maiden Lane and John Street. Title Guarantee & Trust Company - 1910.


Guardian Trust Company


Park Place NY

60 - Office buildings on Broadway at Park Place.

61 - City Hall Park


Dey Street NY


Central Park images


Columbus Circle


12 - Numbers 44 - 50 Broadway.


48 - Dey Street from Broadway - 1910.


Chambers Street

66 - Broadway, southwest corner of Chambers St.

67 - Chambers Street


Chatham National Bank

49 - Corbin Building, Chatham National Bank, Broadway and John Street.

50 - Western Union Telegraph Building

57 - Park Row from Broadway


Waterman Building

42 - Waterman Building, Broadway, corner of Cortlandt Street - 1910.


Bowling Green images




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39 - Buildings in the East Side of Broadway, from Liberty Street.

40 - City Investment Building.


196 Broadway


52 - Mail & Express Building at 203 Broadway.

53 - Evening Post Building, at 208 Broadway, and Hegeman Building at 200 Broadway

54 - Saint Paul's Church

56 - Astor House


Broadway Old New York


Both Sides of Broadway from Bowling Green to Central Park