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Saint Paul's Church is an Episcopal chapel, linked to the Parish of Trinity Church. The Chapel is located at 209 Broadway, between Fulton Street and Vesey Street. It is home to historic memorials and monuments, and it hosts a variety of arts events.

It is the oldest temple in Manhattan, built by 1790. The first temple, built between 1764 and 1766, was destroyed in the Great Fire of 1776.

George Washington prayed here following his inauguration as the first President of the United States, in 1789. In the same year, the Montgomery Monument was installed in the east window of St. Paul's Chapel. It was the first official monument commissioned by the Continental Congress in 1776.

The tower was added in 1794. One bell was made in 1797, in London and installed in 1834. The other bell was made in 1866.

In 1821, the Cooke Monument was erected in the St. Paul's churchyard, a memorial to the English actor George Frederick Cooke, who was buried in the churchyard in 1812.


Saint Paul Chapel


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St Paul Chapel


Saint Paul's Chapel in an old postcard (Souvenir Post Card Co.) ca. 1906.


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Saint Pauls Chapel


Saint Paul Chapel


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St. Paul's Chapel NYC


St. Paul's Chapel NYC


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St. Paul's Chapel - Vintage Images


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